Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dr. Steve Fowler... FINALLY

I'm posting what I just read on Melissa's site...
When I first met Steve at BYU, just after his mission to Berlin, Germany, he told me wanted to be a teacher or a doctor. It didn't take long for him to settle into a pre-med course and he never looked back. When times got rough along the journey he relied on his personal inspiration that a medical profession was what the Lord wanted for him.   So it's after 
4 years of undergraduate studies, 4 years of medical school, and 4 years of residency training  (not including the thousands of hours of studying for boards and practice) he is finally practicing as a DOCTOR
Anyone that knows Steve knows it's no surprise that he is a wonderful physician too. His patients love him and request him. He is an expert at ultrasound sports and musculoskeletal medicine. He is going to be such an asset to his new practice, Wenatchee Valley Clinic.
We attended a graduation dinner at the Gonda building of The Mayo Clinic. There were world-famous physicians, who are gods in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, praising my husband. Time and time again the physicians would comment about how excellent Steve's skills and bedside manner are. I was so proud. So many times I see Steve as the guy who takes out the garbage, plays the drums and unclogs the toilets. So for me to see him in this professional light was so inspirational. I am so proud of him.
(I'm proud of me too. Being a resident and med student wife is not an easy road)
When I was a young girl, I remember making a list of "qualities I want in a husband". Near the top of the list was "Motivated". What young girl thinks about that? It probably stems back to the fact that my father is such a hard worker. I definitely hit the jackpot because Steve has worked hard his entire life. Although Medical education demands a lot of time away he always puts family first. When he's home--he's home (mentally).
 Congratulations on finishing babe! The Mayo brothers are proud.
Steve finished his residency at The Mayo Clinic this week. He has worked and studied so hard to make it to this point. The kids and I couldn't be more proud of his accomplishments.

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